AKSFPSA believes in simplicity and modesty. The dignity of dress code should be maintained both by boys and girls.

  • Id cards are issued from the school and every student should wear it daily to school.
  • Children should come to school in clean and properly ironed uniforms.
  • Girls should tie their long hair (below the ears) in two plaits. Girls should compulsory wear knee length tights and long pettycoats. Boys should trim their hair short. The school doesn’t entertain any fancy hairstyles. Colouring of hair is not allowed. Senior boys should be clean shaved.
  • The uniforms should be properly stitched as per the school requirements. Boys should tuck their shirts in and wear school uniform belts. In no can they wear ‘low waist trousers’. The girls’ pinafore frock should reach below knees.
  • The students should wear plain black shoes, laced for boys and buckled for girls and fawn coloured socks. No fancy footwear is permitted. During rainy day children should wear black sandals.
  • Students can wear simple and modest colour dress on 3 days in an academic year.
    1. Onam celebration
    2. X’mas celebration.
    3. On their birthdays
  • Students should not wear/use gold ornaments, fancy jewellery, nail polish, lip-gloss and perfumes.