“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments”. Only a well-groomed and disciplined child can grow up into an intrinsically disciplined adult with the right value system and attitude.

AKSFPSA has been trying its best to inculcate the right values, attitude and self-discipline children. Needless to say the role of parents in setting the right example and guiding the child properly, is of utmost importance.


Effective school discipline starts from effective home discipline. Parents are always encouraged to work with the school to try and solve any problems that may arise. The school expects the full co-operation of parents in matters of discipline.

Parents are requested
  • To see their wards come to school smart and tidy and in complete uniform.
  • To send the duly signed report cards the very next day itself.
  • To monitor the activities of children after school hours.
  • Do not entrust large amounts of money with their wards.
  • To attend all the school programs.
  • To establish a good rapport with all the teachers.
  • To be available whenever they are needed as in the case of sickness/casualty, signing warning letters and other disciplinary matters.
Students are advised to strictly adhere to the following
  • all students are responsible for their own action.
  • Respect the rights and property of others.
  • Not to leave school without permission.
  • Attend school regularly, be punctual and be prepared to work to the best of
  • Move about in the campus in an orderly manner. Running and shouting in the corridors are not acceptable.
  • Students are expected to speak in English while in the campus or school bus.
  • Follow instructions and maintain class discipline.
  • Not to enjoy any school facility other than they regularly avail, without prior permission.
  • Maintain decorum while they travel in public/private transport.
  • Not to roam about in the school uniform after the school hours.
  • Without prior permission CDs, pen drives etc., are not allowed.
  • Balls, toys, cricket bats and other sports items are not to be brought to the school unless otherwise asked for the special coaching.
  • Expensive articles like mobiles, music players, and cameras should not be brought to the school. If found in possession these will be confiscated.
  • Children are not permitted to bring, borrow, lend or exchange any fancy/costly articles.
  • Senior students should maintain a very healthy, cordial relationship with juniors.
  • Students of classes IV and above are issued library books. Parents should see that their wards return the library book on time.
  • AKSFPSA aims at making the campus a completely plastic free zone, kindly co-operate with us by providing:
  • a) Only steel Tiffin boxes and steel water bottles (name and class to be written) b) Celebrate birthdays by planting a sampling in the campus or by donating a book to the library instead of sweets or chocolates.