Regd. By. Govt. of Kerala, 165/IV/2014, Established on 2003.

          All Kerala Self-Financing Private Schools Association, a progressive registered organization in the field of education, promotes creative and quality education in learners. The AKSFPSA consists of dedicated and sincere teachers with years of experience in school education and excellent academic track record. Further the team is guided and supported by principals of various schools, subject experts and professionals.This organisation of private schools in Kerala is governed by the Board Directors elected from the Chairman / Directors and Principals of the member schools.
    " AKSFPSA has got various services and projects for the member schools. " Focuses on the sustainable development of the schools where we provide,
1. Unified curriculum (syllabus with digital content in AIPSA).
2. Centralized Assement ,Teacher Training and LMS (learning management system)for students, parents and teachers..
3. ERP ( Entrepreneur Resource Program ) APP for managing multiple schools, tracking Teaching speed, track academic quality and performance reports of teachers and students ( SPPR ).
4. Cambridge English club(based on LSRW skills coaching for students and staff).
5. AKSPSA online scholarship examinations..


         We design our activities and assessments to explore the students’ abilities in applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating, i.e. higher order of learning. We have been organizing competitive examinations among school going students to develop competitive spirit, identify the talents, appreciate their efforts to excel and nurture them. We organize a good number of workshop, classes, seminars and other activities for teachers and students to promote quality education. Within a short span of time AKSFPSA became a synonym for Quality, Reliability and Standard (QRS).

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Smart School

The smart school is a project provided to improve quality of education through QIP (Quality Improvement Programme) and for sustainable developement to maintain economic-stability with high profile in the teacher student ratio.


There are many courses for teachers and students. Teachers can join Cambridge Certified English Course, PG Certificate Program in digital education and PG Certificate Program in School Management and Administration. We design our activities and assessments to explore the students’ abilities in applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating.

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Increase your expertise in Educational Technology and Digital Education through Digital Schooling India Project of All India Private Schools Association ( AIPSA ), New Delhi

We’re also experts at finding the sweet spot between School transformation guidelines, what is sustainable and right for your institution. We have progressive theories on research as a tool for retention of parents and students, not just for acquisition, but for quality of education.

  • High Quality Education
  • You can learn anything through Digital Schooling India Project
  • Make your school as Digital Eduction Institution
  • Experts create digital contents and resources
  • Connections academy for Teacher Eduction and Training.
  • Free TABLET and LAPTOP for students with digital content.

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